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My Grandson Deion

Aspiring Medford High School student , Deion Gill, heads to LA. My grandson, Deion,16, has been singing, composing, engineering his own music  and as a singer and rap artist. Currently, there are people in LA who are interested in him and … Continue reading

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Can I get a some braggin’ rights?

Grandson, DeVaughn Gill.   Granddaughter, Lauren Morris   I posted about my grandson, Deion, exploring the music scene in LA, well, I have two other siblings, my other grandson, DeVaughn, 13, and my granddaughter, Lauren, 7, who are showing talents … Continue reading

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Jazz is?

My good friend, Williard Jenkins, has a blog he has had for many years, called Open Sky, and one of the open discussions he has been having concerns the music of jazz and it’s lack of a Black audience. Here … Continue reading

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Jazz Magazines, Comments & Birthdays

I have been reviewing  my collection of jazz magazines that I have saved over the years. Before moving from Boston to Charlotte, NC., I retired lots of my collection, but held on to those magazines I wanted to save for reference material … Continue reading

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