Additional May Entry/Post Three/Volume Four

Ron10-183x300The May posting is extended because there was some topical news in May that I wanted to share with you, so I am adding some news before we close out the month.

My seeingthings blog, which is really the title, concerns those people and things that interest me, and also to pass on news that I find interesting or informative. If I find that news to be of a nature that entertains or peeks your interest, or gives you information that you may use in discussion with others or for any other reason of your liking, then I usually will insert it in my blog.

Recently, a friend was very excited about his artistic son getting the opportunity to display his art at the new gallery at the Harvard Fogg Museum at Harvard University which is an incredible accomplishment because it is the first time that a alumnus of the college to have his work on exhibition.

Jesse Aron Green, a mid thirties artist, has shown in several other locations, the Tate Modern Museum in London andThe Whitney Museum Of American Art.

This interview gives some information about the  artist and his work. Way to go, Jesse. We are all proud of you.

Finis This month has gone by pretty fast, especially I am sure with all the graduates that have graduated from their perspective high schools and colleges. Time moves on quickly, and decisions are going to made regarding one’s future and then we all move on to follow whatever directions we plan to take on in the future. When we are young those decisions are important to make and it matters to us to take some time to try and make sure those decisions we are making are worthy. We make those decisions sometimes with family members included, or in some cases those decisions are ones we have made for ourselves because they were planned well in advance. Our lives take on other directions sometimes, and there may be moments when what the future holds for us require changes that must be made and we can prepare for those changes; the choice of careers, the decisions that move us in opposite directions that we did not foresee. These are the things that help us to decide the careers we follow or the desires that move us to places that we were not expecting. This is the pattern of life and to all of you who dream of what your future holds, try and make those changes worthy of the choices you make.

One final note.  Not to brag about my family, but I have an incredible group of talented grandchildren; singers, dancers, and performers, and recently one of my grandchildren decided he wanted to get interested in learning an instrument and started to use one of the many keyboards around the house. He decided to learn to play using YouTube as a learning tool. Well, believe it or not after several months he has been playing songs and even has joined a band of young people at his church. Check this out on learning how to play the piano from one of the courses we found on line. Joining a group of musicians who play together is a great opportunity to learn an instrument. He has learned a lot playing the piano in the past several months.



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