After the New Year/Post Eight/Volume Three

Ron10-183x300Welcome to the second edition of the blog for the year. There is a continuation of conversations regarding the events of the last year, that will go on indefinitely. Of course, it is important that we all pay attention to this discussion, because it involves all of us if we want to help solve some of the problems facing us. We cannot solve all of our problems, of course, because that is unlikely, mainly because people have opinions based on their particular circumstances and situations. But, we cannot go down this road without trying.

January was full of news, with Martin King, Jr’s holiday and the State of  The Union Speech, so this information is included in our February issue of the blog.

This article was posted in the December 17, 2014 issue of the Boston Globe newspaper. Charles Ogletree, Jr. is a well respected Harvard Law professor and community activist in Boston, MA. It is required reading for all responsibly minded people regarding the issue of race and law enforcement.

Art News Trying to do a tasteful blog and with diversity requires an interest in many subjects. While I have been involved with artistic interests throughout my life I find the art world to be a glorious adventure from drawings, paintings, sculpture and all the various genres of that world. The immense talent of artists all around the world have been displayed for years, and books and magazines featuring the artists and their works have been available to the general public who are interested.

Sigmar Polke, Laterna Magica, 1988-96.

In the September issue of ARTNews, a new editor has emerged with a new desire to make changes to the magazine and it’s redesign. We all need change after years of providing the services we provide to the public, and the new direction the magazine has taken is worthy of it’s dedication to the artistic community. For those readers who are interested in the arts I implore you to look here to find stories about artists and their works, just as those stories were told in past publications, as well as samples of their artistic beauty created by these artists. (from the on-line comment about, Sigmar Polke, from ARTNews): MoMA’s retrospective of Sigmar Polke, which landed at Tate Modern in October, shows that the work of the late Polke, an incongruous mix of devious scientist and demented humorist, remains as infectiously likable and devilishly frustrating as ever. His orgiastic, outwardly ad hoc (but secretly very deliberate) celebration of colors, forms and toxins has made him more influential than just about anyone since Warhol. One complaint: I found MoMA’s lack of labels maddening; call me a fogey. – See more at: (From the

In this vain regarding design and artistic interests, because of technological changes to all these publications available to us as readers, I occasionally find an interest in looking at the current websites that the publications are offering to their readers. Those of us who are computer literate, there are opportunities that are also available for on-line reading and information. Architectural Digest that is one of the publications that I have been reading and enjoying for years has been updating their website and magazine to give their readers an opportunity to enjoy their stories regarding designers; home design, product design, etc., and their January 2015 AD Great Design issue was chock full of design ideas that were stunning and noteworthy. Again, for future reading, if interested, the AD is the place to look for ideas and information.


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