Can I get a some braggin’ rights?

Grandson, DeVaughn Gill.  

Granddaughter, Lauren Morris  

I posted about my grandson, Deion, exploring the music scene in LA, well, I have two other siblings, my other grandson, DeVaughn, 13, and my granddaughter, Lauren, 7, who are showing talents at this early age. DeVaughn is being pursued as a talented basketball player from his school in Medford, MA. He is now been accepted to another school next year that will give him an opportunity to strengthen his talents as a basketball player and help him to focus on his ability. There is talk about basketball camp next summer.

My granddaughter on the other hand is looking forward to her ability in aerobics  and acrobatics  that promises to show an extreme ability, as well, as some signs of interest in music,  singing,  going to dance school and loving it.  Who knows I may be surrounded by grandchildren who are a very talented crew. Ya think? <smile>. She has been accepted to a summer dance program directed by her dance teacher who says that Lauren shows exceptional ability.

She LOVES creative styles, and dressing up too. She dresses and creates her dress for school and events.

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