To date, the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case has come to fruition fast and furious. It is something to watch closely because of all the twists and turns that the event has taken.

I say that it is something to watch closely because there are so many elements of this case regarding law and order, race relations, racial profiling and how the outcome will be instituted. There is also another element of this case and that is how much the perception of the public has a bearing on public opinion. There are many people who regardless of evidence given regarding Martin or Zimmerman have their own opinion of how they perceive the evidence and what has taken place. No one knows about what has taken place unless Zimmerman tells exactly how things happened and tells the truth. We may never hear the truth because Trayvon Martin is dead, and is unable to speak for himself in his own defense.

I will continue to update you, but surely I will be very careful to pass judgement one way or another, because I am only a spectator and not a judge.


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