Happy Holidays

Hope you and your family have a wonderful season, from my family to yours.

Ron10-183x300I wish all of you a very blessed holiday season. These are troubled times that we are going through, and those of us who think positively about our lives and the people in our lives must continue to do that because it will help to make our lives better and for those around us. So, enjoy the holidays and be safe in doing just that.

I have shared pictures before with you concerning my talented grandchildren who I am so obviously proud of. Here are some pictures over the Thanksgiving holidays when they came to visit for turkey dinner.












This is a group picture after dinner on Thanksgiving Day. All of the family except one of my sons who was away that day.  My two grandsons came from Atlanta, especially my grandson, Deion who is living in LA now persuing a singing career. Pictures are (top left), grandson, Deion, grandmother Gill, granddad Gill, grandson, DeVaughn, (left), aunt Shauna, mother of grandsons, Kathy, (bottom, left to right), granddaughter, Lauren and oldest son, Stephen. (Top right), Aunt Shauna and Deion), the cousins, DeVaughan and Deion.

Especially on the holiday season, Thanksgiving and Christmas, there is a great opportunity to share our moments with friends and family. To most of us this has always been special times, especially our children who know the value of this special time each season. It becomes traditional in all of our families and as we pass these traditions down to our children who will pass them to their children as well.

Major, my grandson’s family dog is in ill health and has some major challenges with his age. He has been in the family during the time the boy’s were very young, and has been a wonderful pet with a vibrant and friendly personality. He will be surely missed. Hail! to Major.






Finis: As December 2014 fades into oblivion, looking back at this year, IMO, has not been a good year. 2014 was full of fear, anguish and despair. Americans want to feel that they are moving forward, that things are getting better for them in their lives, and that there are positive things in the future for them.

While there are indications that the economy is getting better, Americans don’t see that improvement because their finances have not improved and they see the improvements enjoyed by others who are more fortunate than they are getting a better break. The anguish they are feeling in minority communities is the lack of understanding by those who judge them unkindly and the common factor that death and destruction is all that they are constantly facing in their daily lives. That kind of activity causes despair and prevents people from moving forward. We, the people, who live in this country seem to take it for granted that the things of the less fortunate cannot happen to them. Our World is made up of all kinds of people, some who are willing to damage our way of living, and others who are most concerned with their way of life and how they can do better. This holiday season and the others that will come in the future will determine how we help and provide for our brothers and sisters here on Earth, and how we treat them. If we continue on this path of not caring for others we will pay the price for our failure.

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