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I have been reviewing  my collection of jazz magazines that I have saved over the years. Before moving from Boston to Charlotte, NC., I retired lots of my collection, but held on to those magazines I wanted to save for reference material later that I felt were important to me.

One of the magazines was a 30 year anniversary issue ( September 2000) of Jazz Times that I found especially interesting, especially given the time period that it was published at the start of the Century.

I contacted Publisher, Lee Mergner, to discuss the issue in question and the updates in the magazine.

Of course, ten years seems like is a lifetime, and many things take place in ten years, but what was striking in this magazine, was the opportunity that the writers took looking back at the creation of Jazz Times from the beginning, starting in the seventies as a paperback newspaper through it’s transition to a high class glossy magazine.

The editors took us back to highlight each year in describing what took place in the ensuing years, and for the writers to reflect back on a particular year until 2000. For those who may have saved this anniversary copy I commend you for deciding to do the right thing because it lends itself to worthy reading.  I am still perusing the articles to bring myself up to date until that time, and I asked Lee to send a 2010 issue so that I can read what took place in the last ten years. Seeing that Jazz Times, IMO,  is really the only magazine at this time in jazz, and I will have to renew my subscription since so much is happening in this new world of jazz.

Since 2012 so much has happened regarding Jazz Times that I did not know about. Ira Sabin, who created it,  has retired and is no longer associated with the magazine But Lee Mergner, under different owners, has retained his position there, even though the main operation is in Boston, MA under new ownership. Glad that we still have the magazine. Would have been a shame for us to lose it.

Some comments from me.

There is much to write about, politics, music in general, jazz, discussions about any kind of subject from Face Book, and including all the social media. It is limitless and endless. This is what my blog is about and I am planning on stories and features in my future publishing. Case in point, the email regarding jazz from my friend, Mel Green. I will welcome these comments and any ideas  that you are willing to send me. Hopefully they will be thought provoking and enlightening you as readers to come back and comment in any discussion that comes up.

Write me and send me your thoughts and join the conversation. I am in the process of joining a WordPress group that publishes my blog, so I am learning much in the process. It will also help me to design and publish two new websites, so look for that in the future.

Today, March 17, 2012, St. Patrick’s Day, is my birthday.  Wish me a long and healthful future.


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