….seeingthingsblog: A blog from Ron Gill

This is my website after many months of inactivity. 

There will be some changes as I try to improve the website regarding content, current affairs and, of course, design. I will include my usual comments about musicians, politics and personal endeavors. It has been many months since I have been away, but I hope you will visit periodically as I attempt to improve the site and its content..

So, welcome.

…..seeingthings: A blog from Ron Gill

A Personal Blog

…..seeing things

Seeing things is a statement that allows me to observe the things around me, whether it’s a musical trend, an artist that delights me, someone that inspires me, someone that makes a profound statement whether I agree with them or not, but opens up my ears to another point of view.  Seeing things is the joy that what my grandchildren bring to me, the importance of my family, and the most important part of my life, my music. I interpret my life through my music, because that is what drives me emotionally and personally.

The Current Political Scene

There is no doubt that the political scene today is in a hysterical mess. Are we really to believe this bunch of second tier Republican candidates? With their far out rhetoric and draconian ideas that are even more ridiculous from the last administration we went through that put this country in the mess we are in. Also, are their constituencies really so blind with hatred for the Black man in office that they will vote for anybody that no doubt will put them in dire straits if they put them in office? Iʼm sorry, but I cannot believe that the candidates they are considering are such lightweights that the Republicans cannot even find someone they will consider, because they know the field of candidates they are considering are not worthy of their vote. Be real, Republicans, your candidates are a bunch of fakes, that will take you down when elected. Sad thing is, you KNOW it.


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