Remembering Whitney

Whitney Houston

I think it’s important to think positive thoughts about Whitney basically because it does not serve us well and her to think of her in a negative way.

Whitney Houston was an important artist in the genre of her music. One important comment that stands out about her was the tremendous quality of her ‘voice’. The GREATNESS of her voice.¬† Looking back at repeated performances that she did one could not complain about¬† the astounding quality that she possessed and performed effortlessly in her performances. It’s hard to fathom what a wonderful instrument she had but only for a time that she spent here on Earth with us performing and singing with that wonderful ‘voice’.

In the realm of popular music, and she was a popular artist, rather than just being in , say R&B, Whitney was more than that. If you understand what it takes to do what she did, you have to look back at that performance she did at 16 in the New Hope Baptist Church. Yes, there was that ‘voice’, a young inexperienced ‘voice’ but move forward to the performance she did at the All Star Game event in 1983, when she sang the Star Spangled Banner. Now, there she was at the top of her game, reaching for notes that were astounding but also with a feeling that somehow transcended her. That kind of performance is a ‘once in a lifetime’ performance because it takes you to another place, a somewhat spiritual place that is not repeated often. And, when that happens, all who are within the sound of your voice are transcended as well into that ‘other’ place.






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