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Before I make any comments, there is something that bothers me regarding the execution of my blog.

For sure, this is an effort for me to create dialog and post information to you based on my own interaction with others and to comment on my own creative instincts. You are invited to read my blog and comment on the information I present to you. However, should you not be interested that is your choice, but I invite you to refrain from cluttering up this space with unnecessary and unreadable comments that have no direct substance or information regarding the blog and the subject matter at hand.


 The Travon Martin/George Zimmerman case gets more interesting. Apparently a member of Zimmerman’s family accused him of molesting her for eight years until she was 16. For sure, this cannot be used as evidence in the Martin case, but combined with the story from a co-worker with Zimmerman, who said he was taunting him at his place of employment, and this current story, sure shows signs about Zimmerman’s personality that is questionable.  July 18, 2012 George Zimmerman granted an interview to Fox News with his lawyer beside him on the Hannity Show.

He did not add anything new to his statement regarding the killing of Trevon Martin, only that he continued to plead guilty and that it was God’s Plan that the incident took place. That comment was rejected by Martin’s family.

There also was an attempt by Barbara Walters to do an interview with Zimmerman, but that fell through because Zimmerman wanted Walters’ producers to put him up in a hotel room for a month.

 July 19, 2012 Colorado, Az and shooting. Since this blog is produced in August there will be updates by the time you read this.

The arraignment of James Holmes would have been taken place, a comment about the President’s visit to Colorado to visit families of the victims, and what plans there are to move forward. President Obama is such a ‘class’ act. I hope we hold him for a second term.  His comment about gun violence should open a new discussion if people are serious.

 July 28, 2012 For those who are following the events regarding Public Radio Station, WGBH, in Boston, a jazz funeral was conducted last week attended by hundreds of people in front of the WGBH Studios and radio/TV station. A meeting will take place to discuss the outcome of what has become a long discussion and outcry about the firing of Steve Schwartz and the program cutback of Eric Jackson’s program. A report will follow that meeting so that you are updated about it.

I will continue to continue our jazz discussions, but I have to complete conversations with some of my contacts. Also, having continuing conversations with some of my media friends.


The events that have taken place in the past month have been disconcerting. Surely we have been through these events before but that does not make them acceptable to any one of us. So, I wish to comment on them.

No one should knowingly take anyone’s life. Even if from all accounts that person has defects personally, there must be something or someone that makes us aware of these notable defects in a person.

We, as people, are responsible as parents, colleagues, friends, family and others to become aware of each other and to see and define the actions of others around us. Too often, we accept troubling factors that are apparent to us without speaking out or commenting about things that should make people aware of how someone interacts with others around them. Surely, there must be signs, even miniscule, that can be discernible if we are aware of them in a person. Or, the actions of people interacting with others in insulting ways or violent ways. Then when something happens that has a terrible effect on us as people we step forward, often too late, and say that we thought there was something strange about someone. Often, a tragedy could be averted if someone spoke out before the event happened. Case in point, the Travon Martin and George Zimmerman tragedy, and the Congresswoman shooting and this Arizona shooting. We MUST be more aware.

 Less tragic is the WGBH Public Radio fiasco. It is easy for us to ignore this situation as just another failure on the part of management decisions made by a large corporation to downsize and finding ways to change policies that have been in place for years.

Public reaction was swift and eventful. The community was truly behind the two men, Eric Jackson and Steve Schwartz, as they became aware of what they saw as unjustaviable.

Now, there have been lots of discussions about how all this came about, about how it effects the community, and an investigation about how public broadcasting systems operate. This is not new.

In this technological age, with all the social outlets and networks, Face Book, Linked-In, and all the others too deep to be mentioned here, there are positive people and negative people working behind the scenes. On the one hand, there are people who are developing ways to enhance our ability to improve ourselves with ideas that will improve our lives now and in the future. And, there are others, who work hard to stagnate our growth with their own personal gain and opposition. If we wish to prosper in this ever growing age, we have to make sure that positive steps are taken to ensure the outcome of this growth is something that helps us all rather than a small group of people.

The WGBH situation is one of many developments that have taken place in other communities and cities around the country. The outcry had a definite effect on the arts, and especially the historic art form, jazz. Jazz programming, especially in this case and others, has taken a definite hit.

Let’s be honest, the decisions that were made by WGBH, and other radio stations around the country that faced the same outcomes, are permanent. It’s done, folks. Those of us who are serious about what has happened here and wish to pursue a positive outcome will realize that it’s all in vain. What needs to be done, IMO, is that in order to save the arts, jazz in particular, is to seriously look for other options that puts jazz in a special place so that its options are not compromised. I hate to say this, but my friend, Eric Jackson will soon be looking at the other shoe to drop unless there are behind the scenes benefactors to save him. I read some of the comments from the meetings and while they are all good intended, this effort is a serious matter that requires deeply thought out alternatives that will help to solve the situation that helps to keep Jazz Arts alive. Like someone said, “We need to think out of the box.” Saving Jazz Arts requires that and MORE.

To close, I am thinking about future subjects to discuss on the blog. I am planning on adding discussions on the status of the current music scene as it relates to young people. I have had discussions with several young people on the status of their music and how it relates to them. I plan to invite some young people to get involve in a survey that I am thinking about so that I have a better understanding of the current music scene and the participants of that music. If you wish to share some ideas with me you are welcome to become involved as I prepare the information.

As we wind down towards the election I intend to share my views with you as we get close. My views will be personal as I believe they should be.








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