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President Obama Re-Elected.    

Need I say more?

(I will comment on the election in a future post)


As this election concludes there may be some who will put it behind them and move on, but I think that would be a mistake. All of us as Americans must try to understand what has transpired in the past ten years. I include that last ten because it was not about electing a president. Yes, the first Black President, and what has insued in the past four years of his administration. It is all about what has happened to us in those years. We have changed as a nation, because of the makeup of our country as far as the cultural changes that have happened, the demographics that have changed us in those years; immigration, social issues, woman’s issues, racial issues. We cannot ignore these changes if we want to grow as a country. Growing as a country does not mean pitting us against one another. It means that we as a people have got to try and understand what our ideals are about sex, religion and all of the things that we think divides us. We also have to make sure that the politicians that we elect, no matter where they stand, on the right or on the left, have got to understand where their constituents stand as well so that their arguments are clear and honest.

I will make a comment on how I personally feel in a future blog post. I will attempt to understand what has taken place in this election and do all I can not to make erroneous opinions and statements in my comments. I look forward for you, as readers, to engage in the conversation as well.

Bits ‘n Pieces…my project on the current music scene is going to be continued in the next post in December. Because of the depth and scope of the project I have to investigate more of the information that I intend to share with you.

I brought you to the article Fear Of A Black President in the last installment of the blog, and in the current issue of The Atlantic (November 2012) there are responses to the article by Ta-Nehisi Coates from September.  There are critical comments on the President here, and I am not sure I agree with them, but I lead you to several if you’re interested in reading them in the current issue. No room here, but I will include a comment by the author: “My piece …ends with an interview with Shirley Sherrod. One thing that bugged me about the bipartisan praise heaped on Andrew Breitbart when he died was how little it reckoned with what exactly Breitbart had done…Breitbart claimed…”Accusing a person of racism is the worst thing that you can do in this country”…Breitbart claimed accusing someone of racism to be moral sin, committed that sin, and then acted like nothing happened. No one knows whether he doctored the footage or not. No one wants to know.  There was some commentary over whether my piece was “angry” It is angry. I am angry. And you should be too.” excerpts from his blog are at  Comments on this article and mine are welcomed.

The article on The End Of Jazz in the current issue of The Atlantic by Benjamin Schwarz while talking about some of the history of jazz’s past, does not go far enough. While it comments about the viability and vibrancy of jazz, it does not tackle why there is what he determines it too be a ‘relic’. Jazz, like in past comments through the years, has always been to claim that jazz is dead and for it to be a dying breed. I am here to tell you it is very much alive, with excellent musicianship by excellent musicians who are keeping it alive and well.

Finis: I will continue the subject matters from the October issue in the December post; a continuation of the current music scene, jazz articles, other references to magazine articles as well as new subject matters. Hopefully there will be a chock full of  subjects that I wish to address and you will be interested in as a reader.

I look forward to the December posts, but in the meantime I will comment on my personal reflection on the election results and I hope that some of you will be so engaged as to respond. I hope so.





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