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  A Special Edition

From the outset there are some things I want to point out before I make my comments.

Writing this blog and having it as a vehicle is a way to share my thoughts about various things I think about and read. The result of the election is on my mind because I am politically interested about what takes place in politics and how it relates to me. Of course I have my opinions, just as you surely do, but I wish to comment here, not only on just my opinions pro and con, but how it relates to my way of thinking and how it relates to the broader picture in my life. Of course, I am pleased with the election results.

I settled down to watch the results and was surprised when the results came in so early. I planned for a long night.

Even though I can understand as a loser of the election, it must have been difficult for Gov. Romney,  and his campaigners, to accept their loss, because of how long it took Romney to concede the loss to Obama. Now that it is over, I have to pause and take time to look over the landscape of media comments and articles, etc. that made an assessment of what took place Tuesday night. I decided that I would review the last eight years until the final admission that this was going the way of President Obama.

One, the first Black President, that many people can attest was an amazing affirmation in ’08. All the big points of his administration, health care, Bin Laden, drone attacks on people who were out to damage us as people and as a nation, Lilly Leadbetter Law, all that and much more. And, unfortunately, a slice of people who determined that he was an illegitimate President and members of the Tea Party who became a force out of that decision to fight him all the way and to respond negatively with everything he did. Their claim that it was all about a small government was bogus in my opinion. It was all about “taking our country back” because this man was this country’s first Black President. If it was a McCain win that organization would have never been formed.

What is so sad is that months later, it was a worthy news item to find out that on the night of Obama’s Inauguration, the leaders of the Republican Party planned and decided that they would do everything they could to deny him any help in governing the job he set out to do…”We want him to be a One Term President” and they did all they could to do just that…with delight and affirmative suggestions within their party. So, in the next four years the Republican Party repeated their mantra, down to a person. It was a clarity heard practically every day, on every issue and every political plan they espoused….Defeat Obama on everything he planned to do. What is so depressing about that is their decision to do just that. To concentrate on that defeat and make it a priority, they ignored the American people who were facing an oncoming  depression that was going to destroy this country, and the unemployment rate that was going upwards, and then decided to blame it on the incoming President and ran their campaigns on just that.

We all know the story now, with all the issues that were discussed, and all the people who were involved in the campaign for President, the one man standing was Mitt Romney, and his political base while accepting the candidate, NEVER accepted the man they nominated.

So, when all the dust settles, with all of the campaign issues on both sides, with all the notorious comments made during the campaigns, it comes down to who voted, and how the American People decided who they wanted in the election results….President Barack Obama, for a second term.

Now, we must put it all behind us, and move on so that the work Obama must do to do his job. If he does his job well, then history will define his presidency in a positive light. But, those of us who voted him to a re-election, must help him to define his legacy, and to help him do the job he set out to do in ’08.

As Americans, we must do the work that will help our democracy do it’s job. We are a group of many peoples. We have individual ideas about what our place is in our nation and in our World. We have individual beliefs, political, religious, social and all the rest, too many to mention, but this is our country, and we have to live in it. We have a responsibility,  to be involved in it, no matter how big or how small that responsibility.

We also have to understand that there are people who have the right to be who they are, to be where they are in this country. Somehow that is lost to too many people who think it’s all about them, and not all about US.

To close, my comments are all ongoing, and with each day I am enlightened, about what I hear and read, about what decisions I make depending on all I am exposed to. I welcome your comments. With dialogue and a conversation, we may find something that places us in a positive direction, or helps us to change our course in life.

That is what this blog is all about. I hope you enjoy reading it.




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