It’s been several months since I last posted on my seeingthingsblog. I am happy to return now as I post this newest entry. Of course, much has happened since my last post, so rather than attempt to play catchup, I will try to be current as I proceed, but when something current reflects past comments or happenings I will address them accordingly. I am sure those of you who are interested in being current newswise will be informed about the daily happenings in our lives. In this climate of news and the availability of so many social elements such as Twitter, Face Book and all the rest of the news outlets, being informed is not a matter of choice but a necessity. That’s the challenge. That is my purpose of writing the blog each month.

I hope I did not stay away too long, but I am happy to be back. From the outset, I wish to thank all of you who wrote me messages of encouragement. I am pleased that so many of you are finding my blog and are interested in continuing reading it. Also, your help in keeping me on top of my editing skills.


Generally, it has been several months of bad news. It is difficult to be positive about where this country is heading. I am not enamored with the group of politicians that are leaders. Actually I decline to give them high marks because most of them do not deserve it.

Since December, with all of the violence from Newtown until the Marathon incidents, the gun lobby and the failure of our politicians to pass a basic bill, it has been a terrible three or fourĀ  months. We need to do better than that.

The Jazz Page

I include information to pass on to you.

Of course, jazz is indigenous to our country. It was born here in America. Jazz has had different periods of development, but it has always been a creative andĀ  continuing development as it grows constantly. The musicians currently enjoy what it is, and that is the ability of the musicians that perform it and continue to keep it as a creative and a vital experience.

In the months a head I will bring you information of those experiences in jazz, and the people who play it.

Current music scene

There is another music scene that I am exploring. As you know in past references, I have been planning on a documentation about the current music scene. I will save my comments until I feel free to share it with you on the blog. It is still in the developing stage.


Since our last discussion at the end of the year there is much to talk about. I will be writing about that in future blogs as I proceed.

I appreciate your comments and invite you to join me, but please join me in a positive manner even though you may not agree. That is what having a discussion is all about.

I will attempt to introduce as many new subjects that I hope to bring to you and hold your interest. That is the purpose of the blog, to invite interesting subjects and educating subjects as well.

Write me and join me in the conversation.


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