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RonSummertime is my favorite time of the year. I like the warm weather. Living in the Northern part of the country for many years, I enjoyed the changes of the weather and the seasons but that has changed now as I get older, looking forward to warmer weather.

So, for the next few warm months, perhaps there will be vacations, road trips, relaxing by an open grill to enjoy family and foods that bring each opportunity for us to enjoy something new or a favorite dish. Enjoy!

Muse: The Travon Martin trial case started on June 10, with close to 500 jurors participating in the review process. Some of them to be chosen will be part of the trial and selection which will take as long as three to four weeks to be completed. Potential jurors will be asked questions by the attorneys regarding how much knowledge they have on the case and their opinions. This all day procedure will last six days out of the week and will be closely watched by media personnel. Jurors were given numbers by the court to identify them to protect their identities. We will follow with an update on events in our blog each month.

On the Lawrence O’Donnell show, on June 13, there was breaking news that there was a comment made by Zimmerman in a recording that contained a racial slur in discussion with the police department. This of course, could change the direction of the court proceedings if upheld. We will follow that situation before the July post.

As we post this item it is the fifth day of the trial. There are witnesses taking the stand for the defense and the prosecution. This trial is planned to take at least four weeks. The jury consists of all female jurors. Perhaps it may be over before my next post, or will be at least close to it’s culmination.

Bits & pieces: Sun Music is an adult urban alternative stream of music on your computer. Produced by Spectrum Corporation at daily.It is on your computer, android and Apple mobile devices at Buy what you hear. Purchase songs you hear on Sun music from iTunes and

Candalaria Silva has a blog that you may be interested in reading about, especially on subjects relating to Handling/Rejection, Pushing Thru Shyness and Real Questions About Sex & Relationships For Teens: a Discussion Guide For Parents. Candalaria is a writer of children’s stories, short stories, essays and reviews. Go to her blog: for more information.

There are those of us who have dreams that prevail as we grow up, and such a person is Deion Gill. Deion, as far back when he was three years old as he saw his grandfather performing on stage with his jazz group, asked his grandfather, “Can I get up there?” His grandfather, a well known jazz singer, told him, “You sure can when you’re older.” Well, Deion is older now, going on eighteen, and performing nationally in a tour with headliner, Lil Wayne, in July.

With diligence and determination, Deion persisted with his dream, performing on youtube with self produced videos, learning to produce them, writing original songs, learning an instrument and learning technical devices that was provided by himself and family members. It was no doubt that he would follow his dreams as a singer, performer, composer and producer of his own compositions. He joins two other friends as a trio on the tour and as they prepare in rehearsals to join the concert tour throughout the summer in the United States, the tour will bring them to Europe in the Fall. Pretty good, I’d say, for his tenacity. By the way, Deion Gill, is my grandson.  A picture of all three will appear in my next publication.

In the May issue of Wired Magazine it celebrates its twentieth anniversary. Wired Magazine is not for everybody. It specifically targets a unique audience that seeks technological information to readers that entertains them, educates them to futuristic elements of a wide variety of genres. I recently rejoined the publication to pursue information that I would probably pass on to my blog readers who are interested in pursuing this unusual information.

Wired requires your time in reading it and your attention. There are other magazines and publications that provide pertinent information of interests that they feature. However, Wired is in another league and if that kind of information is what you are seeking, this magazine is for you.

Talkin’Jazz: One of my favorite jazz singers, considered to  be one in the top ten of jazz singers, was Carmen McRae. I discovered Carmen in the early sixties on a recording she made on Decca Records with Sammy Davis, Jr. She did a duet with Sammy on that recording and he was at the top of his game as an artist. But, the one recording that caught my attention was a live recording that tops my list even today, is her live recording at Sugar Hill in San Francisco on Time Records. The personnel on the recording is Norman Simmons on piano, Victor Sproles on bass and Stewart Martin and drums. Besides the excellent musicians on the recording is the exquisite choice of material; Sunday, What Kind Of Fool Am I and I Left My Heart In San Francisco, to name a few. If you like Carmen, this ones for you. Which brings me to that last recording of one of my favorites, recorded in the mid seventies, that was released later, and that is the two CD set recorded live at Ratso’s in Chicago. This is Carmen at her best, relaxed, funny, in command of her ability to express what is one of her greatest assets, to sell a song. She was able to define a lyric, to get deep inside a song, and find things other singers were unable to express. Carmen was one of the best. Example: listen to her take on Just A Little Lovin’, and  compare it with another singer that did the song, the exquisite Sarah Vaughn. Carmen’s ability to say just what the song is about lyrically, is in her special way that she expresses it. Check it out.


I recently received a book from a friend, Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian Weiss, MD, that tells the true story of a young woman in her late twenties who is troubled by lots of anxieties and fears that complicates her daily life. She accepts the opportunity to be treated by the author, who is an experienced clinician and psychiatrist, and currently the chairman of the Department Of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida. If you are interested in reincarnation, past life regression, future-life progression and near death experiences this book may be enjoyable for you to read. I did, and it was worth reading.







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