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Ron10-183x300Over the past year, I have used my blog since it’s conception to avoid writing about the politics that confronts us every day.  This blog is not designed to be a political venture even though at times I may take advantage of the space to voice my opinion from time to time. There are others who use their time writing to voice their opinions positively or negatively but that is not how I usually use my blog. That being said, however, there are times when I use my blog to comment about social issues or other issues that I deem important to voice my opinion about particular situations in the media or otherwise. This is one of these times.

Those of us who are comfortable speaking out about current issues that confront us everyday understand what I mean when I say that. Technology today provides us with the opportunity to be confronted with every subject possible, whether it may be in some foreign country that flares up, or an item that may be important to us close to home. We have a choice to ignore that item or to respond to it as we feel fit.

Currently, one such item is the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, MO, with the police officer who used deadly force to take this young teens life. This unfortunate incident which is impossible to ignore, regardless of one’s opinion, has taken extreme directions and has caused so much violence that seems unnecessary. But, how does anyone ignore the killing of an 18 year old boy, whose visible body lay in the street for four-five  hours before being attended to by authorities or medical services? How do you ignore autopsy reports that six bullets from the officer’s gun was pumped into this unarmed teen’s body? How do you ignore any excuse from police authorities about what took place when the officer approached Michael Brown and provoked the officer to take such drastic actions to shoot the teen multiple times concerning a request for the teen to move from the street to the sidewalk? That resulted in the deadly use of that officer to use his weapon to kill the boy?

There are multiple stories over many years about the use of deadly force to take the life of young Black boys/men, and the failure of the judicial system that fails many times to bring justice in many cases in the result of these cases. We as a nation of responsible people have some serious soul searching to do and some honest evaluation among ourselves when it is obvious that judgement in many of these cases fail to face reality in deciding and evaluating the circumstances in the final outcomes of these incidents. What becomes obvious to many of us who have family members who could be faced any day with an incident that may be over trivial circumstances that they may be unable to ignore, and will result in their death. That should be troubling to any of us.

After several weeks of protests there are unanswered questions and the Ferguson authorities have not addressed the concerns of the community and their leaders. Rather than addressed the concerns and the unanswered questions, the Ferguson police department and their leaders have applauded the officer’s status as a fine officer and awarded and upheld him for his services. This is unacceptable because it shows a lack of respect for human life during this difficult time for family and the community. From the Governor on down, there should be someone who is able to discern this event as being a lack of respect for the victim.

For sure this event will take several turns as the investigation moves forward and I predict we will see more insensitive motions from law enforcement, and from the media as well. It will be with us for a while. I do hope, however, that there will be an honest effort to make all the concern parties to do the right thing rather than sweep this under the rug. That will be a shame, because if that happens there will be an uproar of uncertain proportions.

R.I.P, Robin Williams.This month has been a difficult month this Summer with the tragic death of a Black unarmed teen, not ignoring the other atrocities in Iraq and Syria, and especially the death of Robin Williams who took his own life, according to reports was suffering from a life of depression. Those of us who appreciated that extremely talented man were heartbroken and he will be sorely missed.

Finis I really wish the news was better this time around but I think it is not going to get any better. With the political landscape, policing policies, social situations and so much more, it seems our country is in a turmoil over so many issues and it does not seem that we are able to understand what it takes to make things better. What have we done to ourselves?

Maybe we need to take a step back and take a look at ourselves and who we are individually. You see, while we may look collectively at who we are, we need to access who we are as individuals. Take time to figure out what makes YOU tick. We can blame the media or whatever social entity you engage yourself in. But when he comes down to reality we have to figure out what makes you, as an individual, be who you are.

Let’s be honest. There are people who harbor radical ideas and they will always be finding ways to disrupt our senses because that is what they do. But, there are those of us who belong to a different group of sensible individuals who believe in a variety of ways to make things better for all of us, rather than fan the flames of discontented issues.

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