Summer Sizzeler/Post Six/Volume Four

Ron10-183x300Well, we are in the full blown summer months, and from all appearances it has been a hot one for many.

Just to start off with a light tone and to avoid some of the distressing news of the day, I wanted to bring up some ideas about foods that most of us prepare when the weather is hot. The usual salad dishes are available to us in all the varieties imaginable, and preparing a salad makes it easy to add to a dinner or to use it for a delectable snack before or after dinner.

Salads are great, because besides the usual standard lettuce and tomato dishes that are easy to prepare, but there are also added variations  that make salads tasty and unexpectedly delicious.  For instance, adding fruits to a salad or seafood as well. These one dish meals are available to us in various forms, and adding a beverage, like lemonade, a cold apple juice or a soft fruit juice can be delightful.

I found out recently another menu choice for summer dining is the use of a slow cooker to prepare dinner easily. Some wonderful dishes can be prepared in the morning and cooking while at work or play at the beach, and while you are out doing that activity the food is being prepared for you to enjoy when you return home, and looking for a warm meal without any effort on your part or extra energy, just sit down and enjoy.

Just some ideas to make life easier. Find yourself a good sizable slow cooker recipe book, or any slow cooker recipe you prefer and have fun preparing yourself for a delectable meal.

From time to time I run across some stories or issues that come to my attention, or things I think about that may be interesting to you as you read my blog. Often, I hope that some of these stories conjure up a conversation with you, your family or co-workers because they may be topical issues of the day. Here are some.

I recently saw a graphic that depicted Black leaders during the sixties, among them Martin Luther King, as they embraced each other in a unified embrace all of them dressed in suits and ties, with a comment that said “That was then, and now is now”. I was unable to find that graphic again on Facebook, but that comment showed another graphic of young men in attire that was the opposite to the graphic shown of the Black leaders. Casual state of undress, pants down below the waistline, and in a suggested sexual pose. The implication of that photo spoke volumes about who we are and who are children are depicted to the world. But, we have been struggling with these images for a while, as our children depending on personal interactions with their peers try to find out who they are as individuals, and the environment that dictates the pros and cons of their existence. There is a history of how we have come to this place about how we look and how we are portrayed; the clothing style of the sixties and the so-called hippie style dress, the adaptation of styles created by other ethnic groups that were designed to identify who they were, and the sagging clothes designed to identify the hip-hop generation. All of these forms of attire is designed to formulate the images that young people appreciate and desire. But, how does these images give us concerns that we need to address as adults in regarding our children?

There is no doubt that in the past ten years there has been an increase of social media, Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest that have been an influence on our daily lives, regardless of how much you agree personally or how much you are involved.

The technological advancements have created an opportunity for us to witness situations that we have not seen before, in places that we have not imagined around the world and as immediately as never before.

As we peruse through our Facebook and Twitter pages, we see a world that may oftentimes seems complicated, lacking of social sensibility, disjointed, and opinionated depending on whoever is pontificating at the moment. Of course, we have the opportunity to accept or reject the comments that are posted at the time.

We also see postings that deserve our attention to make a point or to give information that requires us to sit up and take notice about the situations that surround us in our daily lives.

Facebook and others on the social media platform have placed an age limit on young people who may participate on their pages. There may be young people  (I think the age is 13) who may get parental approval even though there are rules set by Facebook, or with parents who are not paying attention on how their children are using the internet.

There is a posting that every parent should be paying attention, by Coby Persin, a YouTube user who has make an effort to alert parents to how their children are using the internet and how important it is .

This user contacted parents whose children were using social media without parental consent, most likely they were underage, and did not have any consent from parents. These children were communicating with people who they did not know, and agreed to meet them when their parents were not home. Fortunately, Coby Persin, was not who the children thought he was, and he brought the parents to prove that their children contacted strangers on-line, without knowing who they were meeting. This is a dangerous situation and parents need to pay more attention to how their children use the internet and other social media that are more designed for mature audiences and adults. Rather to be safe than sorry.

Finis We look forward to next month’s blog and to be able to bring you some news and interesting information. We hope the summer brought you enjoyable moments. The season is short but it does give us moments to settle down and do the things we usually do when the weather is warm. Hope we have an Indian summer.

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