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Ron GillBefore I begin I wish to thank my readers who have discovered my Seeingthingsblog and commented positively about my comments regarding several subjects that I have written about.

Because of technical difficulties that required computer repair, I had to discontinue publication in October and now that I am able to resume the blog I will produce it with an October-November Edition of information that will bring it up to date.

I do want to comment, however, that I have mentioned several times and that is my disappointment in the replies I received regarding the reluctance readers have in making clear reference to the articles I write about. General comments don’t have a clarity that is necessary for me to respond clearly about a subject I wrote about. That will help to make my articles have statements that I make more relevant. Politely, I ask if you send comments, please make it clear to me what references you are making in what I wrote. That will help me greatly.

I wish to comment also about what I stated in an earlier post that I am exploring many different subjects and making efforts to make my posts more relevant to events and people so that you can attain more information and points of view about a subject or event. Some of you have wished to make comments about the direction that the blog is taking or ideas about what you wish I would include. I invite and encourage your ideas.

To explain further, as you may notice such a change has already taken place with the new format and design. My previous website,, is now being produced with the help of WordPress, and was designed by Spectrum Creatives, an outside design firm. So, my website and blog is now in one place. This will give you an opportunity to take a look to peruse my website as well as enjoy my blog entries.

Longevity…that’s a word that those of us who have experienced the consequences of our lives and life’s experiences every day, appreciate what the past has done to contribute what we have done in our time here. Some of us have used that time to be fulfilling contributions that lend importance to each and every day that we live. Meaningful contributions that helped us to share our thoughts and our talents.  When we have the pleasure of living a long life, there are new things that give us the opportunity to share in their delights as we explore the new opportunities that they give us. We can explore them at will or we can also reject them depending on how we wish to share them with others. Our younger children usually give us the opportunity to explore these new experiences, whether it’s a person, a thing or an experience. For some of us, it is very difficult as we age to see the possibilities that some of these new entities that come into our lives as important. Of course, there are some of these things that we surely wish to decline, but it is important that we do not disregard their importance even though we feel the need to reject them offhand. We also disregard those of us in our circle of family, friends and associates, because they reject the emergence of technological advances, such as computer technology, social interaction facilities, such as Face Book and Twitter, and the every day interaction with news that continues to be a confrontation that we suffer through every day with every turn as an intrusion. We cannot accept all these things that confront us every day, but surely we should accept a small part so that we have the opportunity to have an idea of what differences they may make in our lives. It may surprise us, because it gives us an opportunity to grow as individuals and maybe this new thing might just make life easier or more fulfilling.

CAM00207Bits ‘n Pieces…My ten year old granddaughter is a very talented young lady, as I mentioned in former posts. She dances, does acrobatics, sings and writes songs for her school chums when they create concerts for school programs. I am proud to have very talented grandchildren and we do all we can to foster their talents whenever we can.

unnamed-1Here is an example of some of her creativity usually done very casually with wrapping and tissue paper that she includes in the making of her dolls clothes that she designs.

She and I spend some free time designing, drawing and creating her dolls clothes, and I wish to share a few with you. The baby doll at the bottom was also dressed to join the party that the dolls were displaying their wear. The dolls get updated with their fashions constantly depending on my granddaughter’s time with school and social activities. But, she has been creating fashion design for her dolls for quite a while.

There are some articles that I have read recently that brings to mind several topics that may not have been available to you, my readers, basically because we have so much news presented to us on a daily basis we are unable to read everything.

Mentoring. Have you ever considered being a mentor to someone, perhaps a student that does not have someone in his or her life  that encourages and gives them the needed support of someone more experienced than they are and will pass on the information they need to help them grow and be successful? Esquire Magazine in it’s October Magazine publication talks about such programs, A Special Issue On Raising The Next Generation Of Good Men. The publication gives a generous amount of articles and ideas on the subject featuring comments and stories from varied contributors. Worth reading if that is your interest.

Jazz Night In America: replacing the long historical NPR program, Jazz Set, Jazz Night In America, hosted by bassist, Christian McBride, is a fine replacement, and if any indication of their recent programs is an example of their initial programs, it will be a strong success to the future of NPR programming. It is into the first five programs, and in my opinion, while each program was highly worthy, the program of the music of Wayne Shorter, from his years with Miles Davis, that was put away by Wayne until, trumpeter, Wallace Roney, encouraged him to present it to the public. The result were big band arrangements by Roney that were absolutingly stunning. There is an indication that there will be a recording in the making of these scores by Shorter. The program on the following week was the music of, Dave Brubeck, played by the The Lincoln Jazz Orchestra, led by Wynton  Marsalis. The arrangements for the orchestra were written by members of the orchestra assigned by Wynton. It was special because the music of Brubeck was worth hearing because Brubeck’s music was always usually in a small group setting and these quartet arrangements took on another dimension in the big band setting.

Marion McParland’s Piano Jazz was an award winning jazz program that lasted thirty years as  hosted by McPartland, and it continues on Public Radio after her passing last year. With so many years of programming, there are delightful treats that require listening. One of those programs in the past month I enjoyed was with her guest, pianist, Kenny Drew, Jr., son of jazz pianist, Kenny Drew. What made this program interesting and delightful, was the recent passing of Kenny last August. I realized from my radio days and my CD collection, that Kenny was an extremely talented piano player. It was obvious from the discussion that Marion and Kenny enjoyed with each other was both warm and charming, and the result was a gracious amount of music that they displayed between the two of them. Kenny’s choice of selections and his execution of them were stunning. I am sure Marion did not want it to end. It showed off Drew’s wonderful technique,  and his abilities as a strong, creative piano talent. We should regret his loss to the jazz world.

R.I.P….. Sad to say, but the loss of these great musicians who contributed much music to the world of jazz, Gerald Wilson, extraordinary arranger and musician, and pianist, Joe Sample, were extremely important to the history of jazz, as they made contributions that we can enjoy for years to come.  Previously in September we lost Kenny Wheeler flugalist and trumpet player and in October the finely talented singer, Jackie Cain, of the famed duo, Jackie Cain and Roy Kral. Manhattan Transfer, singer and band member, Tim Hauser, passed in October as well. They will be sorely missed.

Finis There is so much happening in our world today and everyday it is difficult to discern how we all can keep up with the daily news that comes to us. It appears to me that so many people are in so much trouble in their lives that, for sure, it must be difficult for them to have any idea about how to handle the difficulties they face. From the economy on down, we struggle to understand what this all means to our young families, who are faced with a future that is incomplete to our understanding; with a World that is in disarray on all fronts, and with no ability to understand the confrontation we face. The racial strife that people face every day, regardless of who they are, are effected as well as all of us. And, the politicians that are in charge of running this country have no clue about how to handle things because of their personal attitudes about other people in this country.

The people in this country have got to decide what kind of country we are in and how we wish the political leaders we elect to follow our electable choices in our lives. We voted them in to lead. We cannot sit idly by and expect those who vote to take the ball and run with it. We have to be a part of the game, and get out and make the effort to vote. Get involved in any way you can, even if it is sending a message to your elected officials or voice your opinion by phone.

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