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Ron10-183x300As always on the posts, I wish to comment regarding the responses I am getting from my readers. I want to thank you for finding interest in the blog and I am promising several changes as I proceed to learn more about how to operate the method I use writing my blog.  In my last entry there were some additional things I learned to enhance my ability to make additional entries interesting. I hope you found them useful.

There are some ideas that I am entertaining that hopefully will enlighten you and intrigue you in future posts. I haven’t sorted them out yet mentally yet, but just to give you some idea of what I am thinking about including some interviews by a select group of interesting people in various groups and genres;  artists, musicians, politicians or just folks who have a story to tell. There is lots of news out there, with major television news outlets, and multiple choices of magazines available. But, there is news we do not know about, because there is so much out there. I wish to pass on that news to you that is available to me so that maybe you might of missed it or that enables you to pass it on to someone else. Some ideas from you are welcome as well. Feel free to share.

Science Fiction

Since I was a teen I found that I enjoyed science fiction stories; Issac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Rod Serling, and many others to name just a few. One writer who peaked my interest, including Bradbury, was Richard Matheson. Matheson of writing and movie fame was born on February 20, 1926 and has a long list of books, short stories and movies to his credit. He passed away in June of 2013.

The list of his works are remarkable, and those of us who enjoyed what he had done are rewarded by the wealth of work he offered us.Remember the television movie “Duel”, that tells the story of a truck driver based on a true incident where he was tailgated by the trucker, was published in Playboy magazine and became a critically acclaimed 1971 television movie? Matheson wrote the screenplay and Steven Spielberg directed the film; of course, I Am Legend, his 1954 novel that was turned into three films, 1964’s “The Last Man on Earth,” 1971’s “The Omega Man,” and 2007’s “I Am Legend.” that told the story of Robert Neville, the last survivor of a plague that turns humans into vampiric killers, and inspired numerous zombie and apocalyptic tales. Of course, one of my favorites, “The Incredible Shrinking Man” stands among this group of outstanding stories by Matheson as well.

There is an interesting story I found from a 1958, Playboy Magazine, that tells the story of a neighbor who moves into a new community and causes havoc among the neighbors and destroys relationships with various members of the community, leaving the residents and the neighbors, and his neighborhood in shambles, only to move on to the next location.  The title is telling,” The Distributor”.

A Little Discussion

I started to write this next paragraph about a subject I wanted to pursue and I stopped because I did not think it through enough to say what I wanted to discuss with you. This is a difficult discussion to have, as sure as you readers understand, so be patient with me.

My introduction at the beginning of my post was that I recently had an email from a friend that discussed how many of our aged musicians have passed recently. As we age past our seventies it becomes a regularity that we recognize, but admittedly are unable to accept, especially when the subjects have been a part of our lives for decades.

But that was not really the important part of our discussion. It was in the manner of which these great musicians were taken from us. Some of course, lasted well into their eighties and nineties, but others lives have been shortened because of a devastating illness that steals their talents and abilities away from them, in the form of dementia. Some who have suffered this fate, and many come to mind, may have contributed more to their artistic talents if they had lasted. While we long for their voices that made their contributions for as long as they were able, we appreciate the opportunity to be able to hear their contributions with the technology afforded us. We also commented on the fact that while these great musicians who were so dedicated to their compositions and their art and have left behind important works for us to savor, it is important that these works are not forgotten but sustained by the efforts of others who remain with us so that we can continue celebrating the works that they left behind so that others understand and appreciate the contributions they made to the art of jazz.

Finis I recently read an article on Twitter, by Trymaine Lee, that was very disturbing. The story describes the current dilemma facing residents in the city of Chicago facing a deteriorating crime rate in the city. The headline titled “Trauma in the trenches of gun- weary Chicago.” It describes how residents of that city are traumatized by the difficult situation they find themselves in with the daily circumstances regarding the shootings and death of their youth. This is not a new phenomenon but a situation that has gone on for many years. What is disturbing is that there are various reasons that makes it difficult to find a resolution to the dilemma.

It focuses on a resident of that community who has suffered the fate of many members of her family. It’s a difficult story to read because it could happen anywhere other than the city of Chicago. In my opinion this country has failed the people regardless of nationality. We can blame the politics of politically charged comments by opinionated politicians of every stripe and positions. This situation will take years to resolve with even the efforts made by positive thinking people; politicians, educators, social-minded educators who are deeply interested in finding ways to resolving the situation.

There are no easy answers, and is it our responsibility as residents of our country, our cities, our communities, our neighborhoods to help to resolve and take an interest in this dilemma in finding ways to resolve this situation facing our country?  Can we do this? The question begs an answer.

R.I. P.  Kenny Drew, Jr. who was a fine pianist and son of the jazz pianist in the bop era, Kenny Drew.

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